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Insuring Your Campgrounds and RV Parks Throughout Michigan, Indiana, and OhioCampground Insurance

The first step in the policy-development process is assessing your needs, which we do in great depth through a consultation with you.  Once the consultation is finished we help you identify coverages that meet your needs.  You can see some of these coverages below:

  • Campgrounds
  • RV Parks
  • Short Term
  • Membership Parks
  • Condominium Parks
  • Seasonal or Year-Round Operations

Camping is the stuff that memories are made of; and if you are an owner/operator of a campground, you want your facility to be the place that welcomes guests back, year-after-year. You work hard to maintain your park, so be sure that your insurance is working hard for you.

Proper coverage of your property and contents is paramount. Are all of your buildings listed correctly and insured to their correct values?  What about the contents in each building, including electronic media? Are you covered if utility service is interrupted? So much goes into determining the correct coverage of campground property; you need the experience of the professionals at Katt Insurance.

Campgrounds provide fun for people of all ages, but with fun comes risk. Maybe your campground is alongside a body of water, or perhaps you have a swimming raft, boats, or a playground. Is your liability coverage adequate? Might you need an umbrella policy for additional coverage? These questions, among others, are questions that you as an owner/operator of a campground must ask. Make sure you are asking the right questions with help from a campground insurance expert.

Often overlooked are the proper coverages for things that guests might bring into the campground, such as golf carts or dogs. What steps should you put in place to insure that all of your guests are properly covered when subjected to things that are not yours, but are on your property?

Maintaining a campground or RV park is a full-time job, requiring a great deal of equipment:  lawn mowers, tractors, tools…you name it. Loss of any of these items could adversely affect your productivity.  Make sure all of your equipment is insured properly to keep your business running smoothly and efficiently.

Whether you are new to the campground industry, or you are a long-time owner/operator, please contact or request  quote from Katt Insurance Agency to have your insurance needs evaluated. We have been insuring campgrounds for over 30 years, and, simply put, we know the business.

At Katt Insurance, we’re proud to provide Campground insurance in Belmont, Grand Rapids, Rockford, Sparta, Comstock Park, and Cedar Springs, MI.  We also serve other areas in the state and we serve OH, IN, WV, and more.

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